Celebrating a New Celtic Isle: The Grand Opening of Celtic Diner!

Unveiling the Charm of Celtic Diner

As the cherished sister location to the beloved Emerald Isle in La Florida, The Celtic Isle is ready to fling open its doors once again, revealing a splendid fusion of Spanish sun and Celtic soul. This revival isn’t merely a reopening; it’s a rebirth of community spirit, a rekindling of the fires of hospitality that have long warmed the hearts of its visitors.

With an essence of Ireland woven into the very fabric of its existence, The Celtic Isle beckons to those who seek the comfort of traditional Celtic fare, the clink of a well-poured pint, and the promise of memories that linger like the fading sunset over the Mediterranean. Welcome back to The Celtic Isle, where every visit feels like coming home.

Key Takeaways

  • Stunning Launch: The newly opened Celtic Diner welcomes guests with its impressive refurbishments and culinary excellence on March 21, 2024.
  • Eclectic Menu: Guests can indulge in a diverse menu from traditional ribs to innovative Vegan Biryani.
  • Refined Ambiance: The diner showcases remarkable renovations that blend Celtic charm with contemporary comfort.
  • Family Embrace: With offerings for all ages, the diner emphasizes its role as a family-friendly destination.

Gastronomy Meets Artistry in Revamped Surroundings

The Celtic Diner’s surroundings have undergone a magnificent transformation, harmonizing the ancient Celtic heritage with the vibrant Spanish milieu. The dining space is now a tapestry of rustic allure and chic design, inviting guests to dine in an environment where every corner tells a story of artful renovation.

A Menu That Celebrates Diversity

  • For the Traditional Palate: The diner’s Half Rack of Ribs and Pork Belly are slow-cooked to perfection, exuding the rich, comforting flavours of the Celtic homeland.
  • For the Health-Conscious: The Vegan Vegetable Biryani and Fisherman’s Pie offer a contemporary take on classic fare, appealing to a variety of dietary preferences.

The Finishing Touch: Decadent Desserts

The dessert menu features classics with a twist, including the indulgent Trio of Chocolate Biscuit Cake, all served in an ambiance that’s been meticulously crafted to enhance every dining experience.

Beverage Bliss in a Refined Setting

The beverage selection is curated to complement the dining experience, from aromatic coffees to delightful milkshakes, mirroring the diner’s fusion of heritage and innovation.

A Haven for Families Amidst Celtic Elegance

Catering to its younger guests, the diner presents a special menu that’s sure to win the hearts of children and parents alike, establishing itself as the go-to place for family outings.


The Celtic Diner stands as a beacon of culinary finesse, set against the backdrop of the stunningly reformed Celtic Isle. It’s not just a dining establishment; it’s a destination where every visit is an escapade into a world of flavour and cultural splendour. Discover the full scope of the diner’s offerings by exploring the Celtic Diner Menu, and be sure to experience the enchantment of this grand opening.

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