Discover La Florida’s Best Daytime Activities at The Emerald Isle

Every Day Brings a New Experience at The Emerald Isle

Welcome to The Emerald Isle, where every day is a new opportunity for relaxation, learning, and fun! Nestled in the bustling heart of Orihuela Costa, our venue is the go-to place for a diverse range of daytime activities designed to cater to all interests and ages. Whether you’re a local resident or just visiting, our weekly schedule is packed with events that promise to enrich your days and enhance your stay.

Monday: Start the Week with Energy and Talent

  • 10 AM – Pilates with Sue: Kickstart your week with a Pilates session led by Sue. Strengthen your core and improve your flexibility in a class that suits all levels.
  • 10 AM – Maggie’s Aerobics (Pool in Summer): Dive into fitness with Maggie’s Aerobics. When the summer sun is high, the pool becomes our cool workout haven.
  • 7:30 PM – Search for a Star (Up to April 15th): Are you the next big thing? Take the stage and showcase your talent. Our ‘Search for a Star’ event runs until April 15th.

Tuesday: Coffee, Conversation, and Dancing

  • 10 AM – Marion’s Coffee Morning: Join Marion for a morning filled with rich coffee and richer conversations. It’s the perfect spot to meet new friends.
  • 12:30 PM – Line Dancing: Sashay your way through the afternoon with line dancing. No partner? No problem! It’s all about enjoying the rhythm and steps.

Wednesday: Aerobics and Spanish Lessons

  • 10 AM – Maggie’s Aerobics (Pool in Summer): Another chance to join in on Maggie’s high-energy aerobic classes.
  • 2 PM – Zoe’s Spanish Lessons (Beginners): New to Spanish or looking to brush up on the basics? Zoe’s beginner class is the place to be.
  • 3 PM – Zoe’s Spanish Lessons (Intermediate): Take your Spanish to the next level with Zoe’s intermediate class.

Thursday: Mindfulness, Market, and Music

  • 10 AM – Leanne’s Meditation Class: Find your inner peace with Leanne’s meditation class. It’s a serene start to your day.
  • 10 AM – Charity Market: Browse the stalls at our charity market. Find treasures and trinkets, and support a good cause.
  • 11:30 AM – Pilates with Sue: Another opportunity for Pilates enthusiasts to engage in a rejuvenating workout.
  • 1 PM – Fun in the Sun with Stevie Spit: Enjoy the outdoors with Stevie Spit, a master entertainer guaranteed to make you smile.
  • 2 PM – Rendezvous Girls (Every Other Week): Every fortnight, join the Rendezvous Girls for a delightful mix of song and dance.

Friday: Fitness, Jam Sessions, and British Classics

  • 10 AM – Maggie’s Aerobics (Pool in Summer): Maggie’s aerobics, a weekly staple for your fitness routine.
  • 1:30 PM – Super Jam: Musicians and music lovers, gather for a jam session like no other.
  • From 1 PM – Fish & Chips Special: Treat yourself to a British classic, our Fish & Chips special served from 1 PM.

Saturday: Music Bingo, Special Dinners, and Karaoke Nights

  • 1:30 PM – Belinda’s Music Bingo & Games: Combine your love for music with the excitement of bingo and games hosted by Belinda.
  • From 6:30 PM – Steak Special: Savor our Steak Special, a dinner that promises to satisfy all your cravings.
  • 8 PM – Karaoke with Russ: End your day on a high note with karaoke. Sing your heart out with Russ, our charismatic host who makes every participant feel like a star.

Sunday: A Culinary and Musical Treat

  • 1 PM to 4 PM – Sunday Carvery & Music with Johnny Dillon: Cap off your week with our famous Sunday Carvery. Indulge in a selection of succulent roasts accompanied by live music from the talented Johnny Dillon, ensuring a soulful dining experience.

Your Daily Destination for Health, Learning, and Leisure

At The Emerald Isle, we’re committed to creating an environment that fosters wellness, encourages learning, and guarantees entertainment. Our versatile schedule reflects our mission to be your daily destination for health, learning, and leisure. Each activity is designed to bring together the community, whether it’s through shared interests in fitness, a passion for dancing, the pursuit of knowledge, or simply the joy of good company.

Connect with the Community Over Coffee and Creativity

Marion’s Coffee Morning is more than just a coffee klatch; it’s a hub of community connection. It’s where friendships are formed over the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Line Dancing sessions that follow are not just about learning steps; they’re about syncing with the rhythm of the community.

Dive into Fitness and Language Skills

With Maggie’s Aerobics and Zoe’s Spanish Lessons, we cater to both your physical well-being and intellectual growth. Our pool aerobics offer a refreshing twist to your workout routine, while our Spanish classes open doors to new linguistic horizons, whether you’re starting fresh or polishing your fluency.

Mindfulness and Melodies to Soothe the Soul

Leanne’s Meditation Class and the Fun in the Sun with Stevie Spit are your midweek retreats. While one offers tranquility and mindfulness, the other fills your day with laughter and music. The Rendezvous Girls, appearing bi-weekly, add to the melody with their captivating performances.

Jam Sessions and Comfort Food to Warm the Heart

Super Jam Fridays and our Fish & Chips Special are about comfort for the soul. They’re an invitation to revel in the joy of music and indulge in the comfort of classic flavours.

Weekends of Wins and Wondrous Nights

Belinda’s Music Bingo & Games and Karaoke with Russ turn the weekend into a winning mix of interactive fun and vocal expression. And nothing says weekend delight like our Steak Special, promising a meal to remember.

Sundays Reserved for Relaxation and Rhythms

The Sunday Carvery with Johnny Dillon is our signature event that combines a lavish meal with the soothing tunes of live music. It’s a weekly tradition that bids farewell to the past week and welcomes the new one with open arms.

Join Us at The Emerald Isle

For a full list of our activities, directions to our location, and more information about The Emerald Isle, visit our website at You can also follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and special announcements. Don’t hesitate to call us at (0034) 615 504 066 for any inquiries.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your body, expand your mind, or enrich your soul, The Emerald Isle is your destination. Our doors are open, our community is waiting, and every day is a new adventure. We look forward to welcoming you!

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