The Emerald Isle Hosts World Record Singing Marathon for Charity

Join the Epic Singing Marathon at The Emerald Isle

In an exhilarating display of musical endurance and charitable spirit, The renowned artist Stevie Spit and The Emerald Isle, a cherished jewel in La Florida’s entertainment crown, is staging an ambitious attempt to shatter the official world record for the longest singing marathon. Currently set at 105 hours, this feat of vocal stamina is not just a pursuit of glory but a harmonious effort to support children in desperate need through UNICEF. This melodious marathon is scheduled to commence at 12 PM midday on Monday, 11th November, with the vibrant community of Orihuela Costa and beyond invited to witness history in the making.

Key Takeaways

  • Event: World Record Attempt for the Longest Singing Marathon
  • Artist: Stevie Spit – the heart and Soul of the Singing Marathon
  • Date/Time: Starting 12 PM Midday, Monday 11th November
  • Location: The Emerald Isle, La Florida
  • Cause: Supporting UNICEF – Every Donation Goes Directly to the Charity
  • Participate: Attend, Donate, and Support

Supporting Children in Need through Music

Every note sung and every melody belted out during this historic event carries a dual purpose: to break a world record and, more importantly, to champion the cause of UNICEF. Each donation collected throughout the marathon will contribute directly to UNICEF’s mission of providing aid to children facing adversity around the globe. The power of music is being harnessed to echo the plight of these young souls, ensuring that the event resonates not only through its entertainment but also through its empathy and action.

Experience the Best Live Entertainment on the Orihuela Costa

The Emerald Isle is renowned for its scintillating line-up of live music, creating an atmosphere that’s both electric and inviting. With a legacy of hosting some of the most compelling live acts on the Orihuela Costa, the venue is poised to elevate this event beyond a mere world record attempt, transforming it into a spectacle of talent and tenacity. As a beacon for quality entertainment, The Emerald Isle ensures that this marathon will be a rhythmic journey through diverse genres and styles, reflective of the global community it seeks to support.

Spotlight on Stevie Spit: The Heart and Soul of the Marathon

The Emerald Isle’s world record singing marathon is not just about setting new milestones; it’s a celebration of local talent and dedication. Central to this event is Stevie Spit, a beloved figure on the Costa Blanca entertainment scene, known for vibrant and high-spirited drag singing performances that have captivated Spain for over a decade.

From Glasgow to the Costa Blanca: Stevie Spit’s Journey

Hailing from Glasgow, Stevie Spit has a rich, three-decade-spanning career that has seen them evolve into one of the most sought-after live comedy drag artistes. This marathon serves as a testament to Stevie Spit’s unwavering commitment to their craft and community. With a British Empire Medal (BEM) recognizing their significant contributions to entertainment, Stevie Spit is not only a performer but a local hero whose talents have brightened the lives of many.

A Show Like No Other

Audiences have come to know Stevie Spit for a signature style that marries humor with musical prowess. Described as possibly the most hilarious drag artiste around, their shows are a kaleidoscope of laughter, sing-along moments, and outright fun. Stevie Spit’s ability to weave comedy seamlessly with song creates an engaging experience that resonates with diverse crowds, earning them a special place in the hearts of all who have the pleasure of watching them perform.

The Unique Blend of Comedy and Music

Stevie Spit’s performances go beyond the ordinary. Each show is an exploration of personality and passion, showcasing not just a unique blend of comedy and music but also an authenticity that endears them to fans. Whether belting out classic hits with a twist or delivering punchlines with perfect timing, Stevie Spit embodies the soulful, joyful essence of what live entertainment should be.

The Marathon’s Star Attraction

As the star attraction of The Emerald Isle’s singing marathon, Stevie Spit stands as a symbol of endurance, talent, and joy. Their contribution to this charitable event is a pinnacle moment, bringing the community together in support of a noble cause while celebrating the transformative power of entertainment. Stevie Spit’s participation isn’t just about breaking records; it’s about creating unforgettable moments and making a difference with every note sung and every laugh shared.

How to Be a Part of This Historical Event

Whether you’re a local resident or a traveller drawn to the sunny climes of Spain, you can play a role in this extraordinary event. You can contribute by attending the marathon and basking in the musical festivities, by making a donation to UNICEF, or simply by spreading the word to encourage others to support the cause. Every voice and every contribution counts, making you a part of this world record narrative. To be a part of this historic event or to make a donation, visit the official JustGiving page.

About The Emerald Isle – The Premier Venue for Charity Events

The Emerald Isle is more than just a venue; it is a community focal point where laughter mingles with the clinking of glasses, and music joins hands with generosity. Established in 2003, this tropical oasis has become synonymous with fun, food, and philanthropy. Beyond entertainment, The Emerald Isle is dedicated to making a difference, with charity events being a core part of its identity. From

…its annual celebrations of global festivities to its commitment to being a champion for charitable causes, The Emerald Isle is a haven of good will. Every event held here, including the upcoming singing marathon, echoes the complex’s ethos of giving back to the community and supporting noble causes such as the work done by UNICEF.

Families, friends, and solo adventurers alike find solace and excitement within the walls of The Emerald Isle. Boasting a diverse range of activities — from splashing in the pool to enjoying the best live entertainment the Costa Blanca has to offer — there’s something for everyone. The complex’s family-friendly approach ensures that while adults savour the rich flavours of the gastro-bar and the pulsating rhythms of live music, younger guests can delight in the supervised play areas.

As the home of the Emerald Isle Bowls Club, the venue also offers a blend of leisure and sport, hosting national and international championships and inviting bowlers of all skill levels to indulge in the beloved game.

To learn more about The Emerald Isle, its amenities, and its story, visit their About page.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Charity and Celebration

As the countdown to the singing marathon begins, The Emerald Isle stands ready to host a symphony of voices united by a cause. This event is not just about the pursuit of a world record; it’s about the collective heartbeat of a community coming together to support children across the globe. It’s a testament to how entertainment and charity can interweave to create something truly magical.

Join us for a celebration of music, a testament to human endurance, and a charity event that promises to leave a lasting impact both on the records and on the lives of children in need. For more details on the event, how you can be a part of this landmark occasion, and to offer your support to UNICEF, visit The Emerald Isle’s events page.

Interested in the facts and figures? We can visualize the anticipated impact of the event, from attendance numbers to fundraising targets. Reach out for a detailed data analysis that paints a picture of the community’s power when it comes together for a cause.

Book your spot at The Emerald Isle for an unparalleled experience of music and charity, and help make a difference in the lives of children around the world.

Let’s come together to hit the high notes of charity and entertainment at The Emerald Isle’s world record singing marathon.

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